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Hello, my name is yolfry and my interest in offering this service is because a few months ago a Cuban woman came to my business telling me that she would give anything to send a remittance to her relatives, I as a person who did not say that I could help her , I began to investigate how to send money to Cuba and the truth is that I googled from corner to corner and I did not find an easy and fast way, I was made to think that this process was difficult. A few days after resting from such a tedious task, it occurred to me to contact a Cuban friend who was currently in Cuba to see if he could offer me information on a feasible way to send money.

Days passed and that information came to my hands, the fastest and most feasible way is "through the AIS card", the relative of the Cuban requested one of these cards at an "AIS" center in Cuba, he only had to send me the number of the card and the name, and that is where the real work begins, it turns out that finding this service on the internet is very complicated and you have to register with all possible data and that is how the idea is born; to create a service to make life easier for all people who want to send money to Cuba.

I managed to register as a provider and agent on several platforms to send money to Cuba internationally and the truth was that I went through a lot of struggles, sending documents, receiving calls to the point of being rejected more than 18 times, “but I did it”.

A few days after I had achieved it and sent the money to the relatives, I put the idea into development, and at this moment that you are reading this message, I may be able to send money to Cuba in a period of 3 to 7 days, and help you so that you do not whatever happens to me

You can contact me when you can, I will leave you my Whatsapp number and the instagram of my business, I accept payments through paypal and some other options.

I hope this information is useful to you, without more than anything I say goodbye and a huge hug.

WhatsApp: +1 829-557-1997

Email: [email protected]


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