Recharge Free Diamonds Free Fire In RD

Free Fire is one of the best battle royale games and its business model is very peculiar, it works by recharging diamonds that the game recognizes as a currency to obtain different items, such as Clothes, Objects and characters, this is where it comes from the doubt, how do I get Free Fire diamonds?

There are several ways to get it, buying diamonds through the platform, which is the original of the game, but it does not give away free diamonds, it only leaves offers and some gifts. So how do I get free diamonds? questions that thousands of players ask themselves, the reality of getting it for free is a bit unthinkable, but not impossible, there are several ways, such as downloading applications from the PlayStore that exchange diamonds for advertising (your time), others that give you coupons.

One of the most famous in the Dominican Republic, it gives you coupons for registrations and those coupons you can buy diamonds with them and at the same time you can sell it to several players and today I bring you the technique of getting free diamonds in the Dominican Republic. Keep reading…

The Web application called by its simple name (rf) initials of Recarga FreeFire, is the platform that has a business model for those people who want to sell and buy diamonds in the Dominican Republic, it has a simple Registry of personal data such as email and username, when you register it gives you a Coupon of $40 Pesos, you receive that coupon and you can recharge, but you need to add $25 pesos more, but this does not sound like free diamonds right? Well, from a natural point of view it is true that it is not totally free, but if you apply the following technique, it will be free.

He adds the missing $25 pesos and completes $65 pesos, there you have to recharge 110 diamonds, but you do not have to take those diamonds yourself, you have to sell it to a friend for the price of $100 pesos, to recover your money and a little gain. Once again it carries out this process but now it adds $30 pesos for what I reached and gives you for 2 sales of 110 diamonds, that if you sell it at $100 pesos, the standard price would be recovering $200 pesos with profits that are enough for you to make 3 recharges of 100 , from here on, you can get a free recharge, you have to increase the cycle.

Well this method takes a bit of time but it is 100% secure, payments can be made through your local bank, Popular or BanReservas.

Here is the link to the platform:

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