What is a web page for?

A web page is the center of the SEO Positioning strategy.

That's right, with a good positioning strategy, content... You will get that little by little (with time, patience and investment) you will climb results in Google searches for the designated and worked keywords.

A web page serves as a system for generating trust through content, articles, photographs. Facebook posts, profiles on social networks such as Instagram, and the rest of social networks should be directed to it... Campaigns promoted on social networks.

The web, as we said, has to be the center of the strategy, because without it, the strategy has no meaning.


A web page serves as a traffic converter in Leads, in contacts, because if a web does not convert, if it does not generate new clients, new business opportunities, new sales... It is not a web that serves to generate business.

And that should be the objective of a web page within any company, to generate new business opportunities, new clients, and serve as a growth tool for your company.


Does this mean that a website does not have to be beautiful? Or aesthetic? Or be easily usable (and adapt) from any platform, computer or mobile?

NO. We are not saying that. What we argue from YPW is that you have to find the right balance between usability, aesthetics, SEO and Conversion.

Very often, as SEO and Web Design professionals specialized in converting and capturing new clients for your company, we come across SMEs that have made a significant investment in the Web Design of their page, and entrust us with its SEO positioning. . And unfortunately, we have to tell you (with our hearts in our hands) that your website, as it has been designed, cannot position itself correctly, cannot generate trust, new clients… It can hardly be used as the central point of a strategy on-line.

Therefore, when entrusting the Web Design and the presence of your company, your SME on the internet, you have to do it with a company that is an expert in this type of design, in positioning, in content strategies, social networks, Google Adwords.


Only then, your website will serve for something really important for you and for any company: Build brand image, build trust, and generate new contacts / customers. Those are the objectives to be pursued for a web page to be useful.

To give a clear example, it is not the same to have a Facebook page for your company (which in most cases is convenient to have), than to have your website. You should never replace your company website with a page within another platform, because the control will not be with your company but with the platform (in the case of the example: Facebook).

With your website you will have the power to stand out in the largest search engine used by people when they look for your products or services, as long as the web positioning work is done by professional SEO experts.

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