Price of a website in the Dominican Republic

Price of a website in the Dominican Republic

To develop a website in the Dominican Republic, with quality and good looks, you must invest at least RD$14,000 and up, as a basic website. In the same way, you must invest annually from RD$6,000 in quality hosting and domain for your website.

The reference price indicated above is related to informative web pages, which are the most common. So if what you need is a virtual store or e-commerce (pages that manage online payments), then the prices range from RD$ 35,000 and up.



Why so many price differences between one website and another if they use the same tools?

Each of the web pages have different objectives and therefore their construction is also different. For this we need to know what type of website you need.

  • A personal web page
  • Commercial or Corporate Website
  • Store
  • Blog
  • A combination of all.


What conditions or factors determine the price of a web page?

There are several factors such as:

  • providers
  • project size
  • Features
  • Personalization
  • Technologies
  • Weather
  • business models
  • Extra services not included



The complexity of a web project lies in the number of functions you want the page to do. The more functions they have... the more expensive they are due to the number of adjustments that must be made for their correct operation, however, less is more, because the page will weigh less and therefore be faster.

Some of the most common are:

  • Accept online payments
  • Real time quotes
  • Registration and user access for memberships
  • Multi languages.
  • calculators
  • Signing of documents



It will depend on each designer how much their time is worth. Similarly, for the time invested in your project; the designer cannot elaborate other projects. In addition, if they are delayed due to lack of collaboration from the client, the designer is at a loss, therefore, the longer the project, the more expensive it will be. Sometimes the client, after approving a project, suddenly changes it completely. Even if it is the same web with different colors, valuable time has already been wasted.

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